Environmental and Safety Compliance by THE EHS COMPANY

What We Believe

The owner and affiliates of THE EHS COMPANY are united in their belief that all businesses:

Have the Power to Implement Compliance Activities

Are Interested in Doing the Right Thing

Can Succeed While Being Environmentally Compliant and Safety-Compliant

No two businesses have the same level of implementation in place and internal culture. That is why we enjoy meeting each client, finding out what you need and want, and then prescribing a plan.

Your plan will combine compliance programs and training, management systems, or even corporate responsibility strategies. Whatever you need and want is integrated into a strategy for you.

Why Choose Us

Practical loss prevention strategies & support

EHSCO is an environmental and safety compliance services company with direct experience in strategies and program management for businesses that have requirements for providing safe, healthful, and environmentally compliant workplaces under OSHA, EPA, DOT, and associated State and Local programs . EHSCO’s owner boasts a traditional education in EHS with a B.S. in Environmental and Hazardous Materials Management and M.S. in Environmental, Health, and Safety Management, and then over 25 years of experience in environmental and safety front-line work, management, and consulting with a unique and practical solution to environmental and safety compliance. Our knowledge and experience with direct governmental compliance as well as international management systems makes EHSCO a favorable choice for supporting you with your environmental and safety compliance needs.


Identify your obligations, meet or exceed the requirements, and
stay in compliance.


Stay in compliance through hazardous materials or dangerous goods
shipper training.


Develop a culture of hazard recognition and control with OSHA-authorized training.

Our established systems can also help you show your commitment to a safe and healthful workplace.

Your Role

Top Management Leadership

As a key representative with your company, it is essential to understand and comply with environmental, safety, and hazardous materials shipping regulations. Civil and criminal penalties can affect your operation and reputation.

Partner With Us

We are your partner for supporting your existing compliance programs, assisting you with a new practical strategy, or developing your internationally conforming environmental or occupational health and safety management system. We invite you to work with a professional organization interested in building lasting business relationships.